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Beyond Stop The Bleed For Jamestown Fire Department


Beyond Stop The Bleed is a course designed by First Aid Tactics that includes the full curriculum of the ACS (American College of Surgeons) Stop The Bleed program, but expands the skillset to include a basic introduction of skills beneficial in a emergency trauma situation. The course is a blend of lecture and hands on skills stations.


Topics Covered:

·       Identifying life threatening bleeding

·       Direct Pressure, Wound Packing, Tourniquets

·       Tourniquet history, use, and selection

·       Hemostatic agents use and selection

·       Core vs Extremity vs Junctional injures

·       Penetrating Chest Trauma

·       Use of chest seals

·       Self-application of Tourniquets

·       What is an IFAK and what should be in it.

Students will perform hands on training with the following:

·       Direct pressure

·       Wound packing

·       Tourniquet application to victims

·       Self application of tourniquet


Class Length: Approximately 2.5 Hours

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